Living in Morocco

Living in Morocco

buying and selling property in morocco – Real Estate Agency in Marrakech


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The following information is offered as a guide line only. We strongly recommend that you check any points of law with the local authorities or consult a lawyer/notary.

Can a British Citizen buy /own a property in Morocco?

Yes, as long as the property is within town boundaries and not agriculture land. Under no circumstances agree to purchase a property in someone else’s name. Do not sign any papers if you do not understand what is written.

Title Deeds

Before agreeing to buy any property make sure that you can obtain the title deeds, as without these you do not officially own the property regardless of how much money you have paid. You must appoint a notary.

How to pay

The secure way of payment is transferring the money through the bank – you will need to open a convertible account. Your appointed notary will advise you on this.

How do I find a notary to deal with my purchase?

Simply contact us and we will provide you with the list of our trusted notary office

How do I go about buying a property?

Once you have decided to buy a property in Morocco, it is important to choose a notary. If you have one arranged from the beginning it will be easier. It is also advisable to engage an independent lawyer to check over all documents. When you have found a property that you like you will need to make a verbal offer. Once this has been accepted you may be asked to sign a preliminary contract, which is legally binding, and pay a deposit, this should be done with your notary.

Selling a property

If the property has increased in price you will be subject to capital gains tax on the profit. It is always advisable to use a notary/lawyer.

Renting your property

You can rent out your property but will be subject to pay tax on a percentage of the rental.

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