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Long term rental In Marrakech


Welcome to Marrakech’s largest selection of residential long-term property for rent. Whether you’re looking for a small studio in the city centre or a large villa for your family, you will find a whole range of properties for long-term rent here.


We propose a large selection of commercial property for rent in Marrakech, From shop fronts suitable for cafes and restaurants, to office space suitable for call centres and businesses as well as speciality rentals such as Hotels, Spas and Gyms, you can search for it all here.


If you are a new or established business requiring housing for your staff we have a dedicated department to help you with this. We have helped many businesses house their staff in Morocco, particularly Hotels, Banks, Construction Companies, Call Centres


  • 1. Register Your Interest

Open a ‘Baste property’ account which allows you to search for properties, share them and save them to review in the future.

  • 2. Find the Right Property

Select a short-list of properties you’d like to view and complete the enquiry form so we can get back to you on any questions you may have.

  • 3. Accompanied Viewing

We’ll happily pick you up from your place of accommodation or meet you at our office to take you to the properties that you’d like to view.

  • 4. Making a Rental Offer

Once you have carried out the viewings and know which property you want to rent you can make your offer. It is crucial at this stage for you to discuss with the landlord any terms and conditions that you may have be it in relation to rental payment or any works that need to be done in the property.

  • 5. Signing of Rental Contract

you will be required to pay a refundable deposit usually up to 2 months of the value of the rent as well as the first month’s rent on the signing of the rental contract. You need to enquire with us on whether we’ll be managing the property or whether the landlord will be dealing with you directly. the majority of maintenance works are the responsibility of the tenant and not the landlord except for major maintenance such as a faulty boiler or AC for example.

  • 6. Paying you Rent

In Morocco there are very harsh laws in place for bad debit and it is therefore advisable that you are totally happy with the rent that you will be paying and with the mode of payment.

  • 7. Living in Morocco

Whether you’ve decided to live in Morocco permanently or renting a holiday home here, then you will have probably done so because you’ve fallen in love with this magnificent country with an amazing natural beauty to be discovered and an extremely friendly people. These pages should help you settle here more quickly and assist you on sorting out more practical issues.

  • 8. Making it Easy

For many people that have not rented long-term in Morocco, the experience can be daunting. We’ll make sure to help you every step of the way explaining everything you need to know from your legal rights to how to install your utility meters!

Professional Real Estate Agents In Morocco

Multilingual and passionate about what they do, our staff are why we keep growing and why we are so good. Friendly and extremely attentive, Our Agents have been trained to “Listen, Search and Deliver”.

The Best Properties In Marrakech

We only take on the best landlords and the best properties. And that’s one of the reasons why potential tenants do not feel the need to see any other agents and why existing tenants always come back to us.

Real Estate Local Area Knowledge

Feel free to ask anything you want to know about any aspect of life in Morocco. Whether you’re looking for a good school for your children or a good doctor, we’ll give you the right advice.